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Banafsheh teams up regularly with the foremost Iranian percussion ensemble,  ZARBANG  for magnetic performances that are at once innovative and ground breaking yet true to the essence of their heritage. ZARBANG’s original compositions feature a wide array of percussion instruments, the Santur as well as various traditional and almost extinct Iranian woodwinds. The combination is the perfect soundscape for Banafsheh and her solo musings and ensemble pieces on multicultural existence. Following successful and critically acclaimed tours of North America and Europe, ZARBANG & Banafsheh with NAMAH have embarked on an in-depth collaboration. Their recent work fuses traditional Iranian tribal and Sufi dance and music with contemporary improvisational elements to present an original statement, meditative and mindful yet ecstatic and exuberant. Among their most notable performances was Rumi, Poet of Universal Love, with Coleman Barks and Robert Bly at the Chan Centre in Vancouver, Canada.

“Entertaining and Revolutionary, both!”
Vancouver Sun

ZARBANG & Banafsheh with NAMAH can be presented in an evening-length format or in a shared evening. During their engagement, the artists are available for lecture/demonstrations, Q & As and workshops in Contemporary Mystical Dance; Contemporary Persian Dance and Persian Percussion. Banafsheh teaches a very popular dance workshop featuring the ZARBANG percussionists called TrancenDance & Drum Ritual drawing from mystical movement and rhythm. This workshop gives a brief background on Rumi and Mysticism and is open to everyone regardless of their background in movement. With both a 2-hour and a 3-hour format, it works in conjunction with the groups’ concert, to be presented the day after the performance.