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“Banafsheh is a master performer, the quintessential professional in her field not only as a dancer but as an artistic interpreter of Rumi” Caroline Myss
“Banafsheh embodies what it means to dance with abandon, what it means to fully live the ecstatic poetry of Rumi, of luminous moon- light on radiant silver clouds. Watching her dance is to glimpse something both otherworldly as well as fully grounded in the momentous meaning of the present.” LA Yoga
“A group of performers who challenge stereotypes about Iranian identity, Banafsheh and ZARBANG’s work is entertaining and revolutionary, both.” Vancouver Sun
“Banafsheh is not only one of the greatest and inspired dancers in the world, but she is also a wonderful teacher very precise and humble and grounded in the way she embraces all of her pupils and releases their deepest possibilities.” Andrew Harvey
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Dancing the Divine

Dance as a sacred practice is a meditation in movement that is at once peaceful, liberating and passionate, integrating all aspects of ourselves, the spiritual and the sensual. It’s a way to embody ourselves fully in the NOW, transforming what keeps us small, broken and limited to greatness, wholeness and vastness on a level that both surpasses the mind and informs it simultaneously.

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Prayer #7

Choreography: Banafsheh
Music composition: Pejman Hadadi

In the photo:
Dancers: (from front to back) Banafsheh, Tiana Alvarez […]